Agua de Costa Rica

AGUA Costa Rica is extracted from the spectacular Costa Rican cloud forest. It is from an inexhaustible cycle that regenerates daily from a source located at the continental division of waters, and is subject to the influence of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. AGUA Costa Rica results from the condensation of the leaves on the trees in the forest and is naturally filtered by the rocky mountain, producing fresh and pure water.


Our Natural Mineral Water comes from the cloud forest, which condenses and naturally filters it through a rocky mountain until forming an underground water spring.

For this reason, its composition is rich in minerals, which can contribute to wellness and good health. Recognized for their beneficial effects figure prominently magnesium and calcium, very low sodium at only 3mg/L (recommended is >20mg), and a pH higher than 7.2

  • Termatalia's CEO Alejandro Rubin

  • Radio Turismo Gold Medal Certificate

  • Ennio Rodríguez receives the gold medal from Director of Tourism for the international water tasting organized Radio Tourism in Spain. AGUA Costa Rica wins the Natural Waters Category

  • Gloria Alvarez Desanti and Ennio Rodríguez at Termatalia stand Galicia, Spain

  • Our President and CEO Ennio Rodríguez accompanied by renowned water taster Jordi Oliver Rodés shows the three awards

  • Termatalia stand and 23 brands more than 7 countries

Get to know our social and environmental programs in pro of the up-cycling of PET

  • Ennio Rodriguez next to roofs elaborated with AGUA Costa Rica bottles

  • Detailed structure of roof elaborated with AGUA Costa Rica bottles

  • Detailed structure elaborated with AGUA Costa Rica bottles

  • Sample panel elaborated with AGUA Costa Rica bottles

  • Our team in action

  • Structural perspective of roof elaborated with bottles of AGUA Costa Rica

  • Bottles returned to point of sale

  • Tshirt elaborated of PET plastic

  • Clothing made of PET plastic

  • Skylight roof of Linda Vista Christian School

  • Final work of skylight roof Linda Vista Christian School

Agua Costa Rica innovates with the design of a bottle which can be transformed into a roofing tile, with a highly insulating capacity, and, thereby contributing to reduce plastic container contamination.

Our company has been developing a new class of regenerative products following the modern conception of a circular economy based on the transformation of our PET bottles into new products, either through their up-cycle to turn them into roof tiles or their recycling into RPET. We break away from the typical cycle of contamination and decomposition of many plastic receptacles (“from cradle to grave”) and move onto a process of circular transformation and re-utilization (“from cradle to cradle”).

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